Ormus #1 Digital Edition


Ormus #1 Digital Edition

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Genre : Sci-fi Fantasy

Age Rating : Mature Readers

Created by Sun Khamunaki

Story: Sun Khamunaki & Garth Matthams

Script: Garth Matthams

Interior Art: Sun Khamunaki

22 pages + 4 Nice pin-up cover art included in PDF

Ormus #1 is a 22-page full colour comic that follows Odessa and Atlas, who “discover” an uncharted planet during a routine mission, and uncover a possible conspiracy that has removed the planet from their various maps and databases. Why would someone go to such lengths to hide a planet, and what secrets are hidden on its surface?

Ormus is a sci-fi fantasy, intertwined with Egyptian mythology, conspiracies and war – but, at its heart, it’s a story about love, duty and the drive to set things right.